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RFA – Modern technology with a human touch

Modern technology for sclerosing nodules

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The thyroid offices in Wels is equipped with the latest technology.

A “one-stop shop” principle enables a complete evaluation of the thyroid. The thyroid practice offers all non-surgical therapeutic options such as radioactive iodine therapy, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) or ethanol ablation of cysts.
A state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner facilitates an optimal assessment of thyroid nodules. Alongside high-resolution, extra-wide linear transducers, the ultrasound scanners have new tools for estimating the benignancy or malignancy of thyroid nodules, such as elastography, which enables assessment of the nodules’ hardness.

The scintigraphy can distinguish between functionally active (hot) and inactive (cold) nodules. While hot nodules are predominantly benign, an ultrasound-guided puncture is absolutely necessary for cold nodules in order to exclude malignancy with a high level of certainty.

Dr. Lehner carries out a double ultrasound-guided fine needle puncture for all nodules which will potentially undergo RFA treatment. An optimal needle position is guaranteed by means of a needle guide with one of the latest ultrasound scanners and special software.

To ensure that you have a comfortable stay with us, we pay particular attention to your personal privacy. A locker is available to you at the thyroid practice on the day of your procedure. A separate, comfy waiting area with drinks and coffee is available for your relatives.

During the procedure, you can relax to the music of your choice. Please advise us of your wishes.
We have possibilities for free parking in the area.