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Election doctor (Wahlarzt)

Your election doctor, flexible and competent!

What is an election doctor?

The designation "Wahlarzt" (election doctor) derives from the right of the patient to be free to choose his doctor. An election doctor is a practicing physician who is not in a contractual relationship with his patient's health insurance institute.

The advantages

  • Election doctors have ample time for the doctor-patient conversation
  • Election doctors have sufficient time for the examination and findings discussion
  • Flexible ordination times and short-term appointments
  • Almost no waiting in the ordination
  • Electoralists also offer benefits that are included in the performance spectrum of social
  • Health insurance are not provided ("IGeL" - Individual health services)

The costs

Election doctors have the option to freely determine their fees, as the time required and the services to be provided can vary according to the requirements.
The fee is charged directly between the doctor and the patient after treatment. You can pay the bill in cash or with a debit card or credit card.
There is no direct way to settle your health insurance! We will gladly give you personal information about the tariffs! Please do not hesitate to ask about the anticipated costs before starting treatment.
Your health insurance company assumes a proportionate cost replacement if you submit the fee. This varies according to the type and extent of the performance, but is, in the case of thyroid diagnostics, relatively high.
We will be happy to provide you with the invoice as soon as possible from your health insurance company. For this we need your account binding on the original invoice, the rest we will gladly organize for you!

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