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Dr. Michael Lehner

Specialist for Radiofrequency ablation, thyroid diseases and osteoporosis

Dr. Lehner -  Specialist for RFA

Dr Michael Lehner is a specialist in nuclear medicine, a general practitioner with a diploma in emergency medicine and a thyroid specialist.

Since September 2014, he has been practising independently at a specialist practice for thyroid conditions with two locations in Wels and Linz.

Regular national and international training courses are a prerequisite for state-of-the-art treatment. In summer 2016, Dr Lehner completed a Master’s course in the thermal ablation of thyroid nodules with the founder of RFA for thyroid, Prof. Baek, in Seoul, South Korea. Dr Lehner is a founding member of the RFA working group at the Austrian Thyroid Society and a member of numerous national and international scientific societies.

Dr. Lehner in Korea RFA courseDr. Lehner in Korea at the RFA certification

Dr. Lehner in Korea gets awarded the RFA certification

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